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Psychonauts (Half Day)

Psilocybin Ceremony • Hape • Cacao

This special half day Retreat offers a profound journey of healing and connection through a series of carefully curated ceremonies.

What to Expect:

Psilocybin Ceremony Begin your journey with a guided Psilocybin ceremony, conducted by our experienced facilitators in a safe and nurturing environment. This sacred plant medicine is known for its ability to provide deep insights, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening. Our team will support you throughout the experience, ensuring a deeply personal and transformative journey.

Hape Ceremony Following the Psilocybin ceremony, partake in a traditional Hape ceremony. Hape, a sacred tobacco snuff, is administered by our knowledgeable practitioners to help ground and center your energy. This ceremony aids in spiritual cleansing, enhancing clarity, and deepening your connection to the present moment.

Cacao Ceremony Conclude your retreat with a heart-opening Cacao ceremony. This ancient ritual uses ceremonial-grade cacao to foster emotional release, joy, and a sense of unity. Guided by our skilled facilitators, the Cacao ceremony will envelop you in warmth and connection, providing a gentle and uplifting conclusion to your transformative day.

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