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Sacred Day (Full Day)

Yoga & Meditation • Breakfast • Ice Bath  • Cacao Ceremony with Sound Healing • Optional: Plant Treatment (Hape/Sananga)

Our Sacred Day in Costa Rica

Join us for **Our Sacred Day**, a transformative full-day retreat in the heart of Costa Rica, expertly guided by our facilitators. Immerse yourself in a holistic experience designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit amidst the serene beauty of nature.

**What to Expect:**

**Yoga & Meditation**

Begin your day with a revitalizing yoga session followed by a serene meditation, both tailored to all levels of experience. Carolina will guide you through practices that enhance your physical well-being and bring mental clarity.


After your morning practice, enjoy a nutritious and delicious breakfast. Savor the fresh, local ingredients and the culinary expertise that goes into every meal, providing you with the perfect energy boost for the day's activities.

**Ice Bath**

Embrace the invigorating benefits of an ice bath under the guidance of our skilled facilitators. This experience helps to boost circulation, reduce inflammation, and elevate your mood, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

**Cacao Ceremony with Sound Healing**

Delve into the heart-opening experience of a cacao ceremony, a sacred ritual known for its profound spiritual benefits. Paired with sound healing, this ceremony will guide you through a journey of deep inner connection and emotional release.

**Optional: Plant Treatment (Hape/Sananga)**

For those seeking further spiritual cleansing and insight, we offer optional plant treatments such as Hape and Sananga. These traditional shamanic medicines, administered by our knowledgeable practitioners, are known for their powerful healing and grounding properties.

Join us for a day of profound transformation, where every element is thoughtfully designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the journey within, supported by our expertise and the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

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