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The benefits of an Ayahuasca Retreat often extend well beyond the actual ceremonies. The integration period that follows to the ceremony is, therefore, of equal importance to the retreat. 

What we like to remind our participants is that the profound insights and revelations experienced during an Ayahuasca ceremony don't stop when the ceremony ends. In fact, it's in the period following the ceremony that the true transformation begins.



Sowa Nete's Retreats include integration circles following Ayahuasca Ceremonies and other Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies. These play a vital role in the overall healing and transformative process.

Integration circles provide a supportive environment for participants to share their experiences, process their insights, and integrate the messages and wisdom gained from their Ayahuasca journey. 

Remember that an Ayahuasca Journey can be intense, emotional, and mind-expanding. Oftentimes it involves facing deep-seated emotions, traumas, and unresolved issues. Sharing these emotions and revelations within a safe, non-judgmental circle helps to release what no longer serves and creates space for healing. 

Furthermore, participants may face difficulties to fully grasp the insights and realizations about one's life, purpose, and path during the ceremony. Within post-ceremony integration circles, they can discuss the significance of these insights and explore how they can be applied to everyday life. Whether there are tears of joy, relief, or sadness, or outbursts of happiness and gratitude involved, these circles serve the purpose of acknowledging, healing and grounding these experiences in the reality of everyday life.


"Turn your wounds into wisdom."


Join our Journey of Transformation Online Program, a powerful blend of coaching, training, and spiritual mentorship designed for lasting personal growth and healing. As a unique offering, participants can optionally enhance their journey with a rejuvenating Yoga and/or Ayahuasca Retreat, enhancing the depth and richness of their transformative journey.

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