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Jasmina Schmitt


Jasmina Schmitt, of the age of 29 years, from Austria, occasionally helps Sowa Nete during their retreats and is responsible for capturing beautiful moments through her eye of photographer.

In her early 20s, Jasmina moved to the beautiful Alps of Austria to work as a photographer. She worked in the tourism industry and enjoyed the stability and financial security that her job was providing her. Yet, there was a strong inner voice coming from her heart, telling her that there was "more" out there awaiting her.

All attempts to quiet this voice were unsuccessful, so in 2021 she traveled to Central America. With her arrival in Costa Rica, she heard the call for Ayahuasca and so begun her path into the world of plant medicine and spirituality.

Today, Jasmina guides Holotropic Breathwork sessions​ and is a fantastic photographer! Check her out on Instagram!

Jasmina Schmitt
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