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Mario Lopez Amaya

Healer & Breath-Work Facilitator

Mario Lopez Amaya, "Inunkea" his name in Shipibo, of 38 years age, Argentinian nationality; was born and raised in Cordoba and has 15 years of experience in healing practices. He studied law and worked for the Argentinian government, until a strong inner call led him to Mexico in 2008, where his transformative journey with sacred shamanic practices started. 

Mario lived 6 months with the Mayas and took Peyote in Chichen Itza, to learn more about health and the inner cosmos. When he returned back to Argentina he quit his job to leave to Peru, Brasil and Ecuador to study more about healing rituals and the use of plants. During those 5 years, he became facilitator of Temascal, joined ceremonies of San Pedro/ Wachuma and Ayahuasca, and worked as a massage therapist.

Surfing became his passion, what led him to Indonesia in 2014. The balinese island's priests and community shared their local traditions with Mario and practical tools for his massage therapies. He also learnt to sing and chant in Sanskrit, and practice exorcism. 

His next destination Costa Rica turned into his home until today. Mario lived 2 years completely immersed in the jungle and started helping at ayahuasca and other plant ceremonies for retreat centers. It took him many years of practice to finally turn into a facilitator himself. Today, he serves Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro/Wachuma, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Rape, and Changa.

Further experiences learning about healing, include his 7 months stay in Russia during the pandemic, where he learnt Mongolian style chanting along with Shamanic vocal sound, to play the Japanese Shakuhachi Flute, and be part of Tea Ceremonies with Russian Monks. He developed a strong practice of meditation, keeping focused for several hours a day.

Peru, the Amazon plants and the Shipibo tribe have been his recent teachers to improve his healing practices and ceremonies. Mario became permission to open and close master plant dietas, surrenders and plans on continuing learning about plants, their spirits, and their powers to heal human illnesses and diseases.

Mario Lopez Amaya
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