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Carolina Ingrisch

Healer & Yoga Instructor

Carolina, founder of Sowa Nete, was born and raised in Madrid, Spain and moved to Germany at the age of 12. Her passion for yoga led her to build a life in Costa Rica and dive into deeper layers of her consciousness.

"My awakening journey began in 2016 while working and traveling for 15 months in Australia and South East Asia, where I discovered yoga and the importante of oneself. In 2o20, I became a certified Yoga Teacher and ever since I have been teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga in Englisch and German. Meditation and Pranayama breath-work are fundamental practices that helped me deal with stress and challenging situations, and probably the reason for my longing to know more about myself.

I have a degree in Business Adminitration and since I was 20 years old I knew I wanted to build my own "healing" center. Yoga is my greatest tool to connect with myself, but plants and shamanic practices have helped me heal, transform and rediscover so many things of myself that yoga itself would have never taken me there.

I learned about master plants and sacred plant medicine alongside Mario and in Peru in 2022, where we immersed in master plant dietas and many ayahuasca ceremonies and healing rituals with the Shipibo tribe.

Co-facilitating Sowa Nete's ceremonies is something I love doing with all my heart and I truly hope we can support many people during their healing journey. Furthermore, I am responsible of Sowa Nete's adminitration and organization plus yoga, meditation, breath-work classes and reiki."

Carolina Ingrisch
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