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The “Master Plant Dietas” (master plant diets) among the Shipibo Tribe in Peru are a significant and integral part of their traditional healing practices. This practice could be traced thousands of years back and it is yet to be found in the basin of the Amazon.

The Shipibo are an indigenous people residing in the Amazon rainforest, known for their deep connection with plant medicines, particularly Ayahuasca and a variety of master plants. Our Team has visited this tribe several times to learn these practices from different masters, including Elisa Vargas Sanchez, Enrique Lopez and Wilma Mahua.

The diet is made and expected to perform healing, learning on how to heal, learning about nature, the world and even ourselves. The combination of Ayahuasca and the “plantas maestras” (master plants) is the basis of the Shipibo’ dieta. Master plants are considered to be teachers because of the function they perform in teaching us about the world, ourselves and even the world that hosts the spirits. According to the Amazonian tradition, medicinal plants can provide healing to physical illnesses, emotional trauma, mental conditions, and spiritual afflictions. A dieta with teacher plants can last for months and sometimes years.

Of much importance during the period when this dieting of the master plants is the ingestion of specific plants, chosen for their healing properties and spiritual significance. Participants in these diets, often referred to as dietistas, undergo a period of seclusion during which they consume and work closely with a chosen master plant. This practice is considered essential for acquiring knowledge, healing, and establishing a direct connection with the spirit of the plant.

Plant Selection: The choice of the master plant is crucial and depends on the specific healing or spiritual goals of you. Master plants that we currently work with include Bobinsana, Ajo Sacha, Marusa and Piñon Colorado.


Seclusion and Isolation: You will typically isolate in the jungle during the diet. This isolation is seen as essential for building a deep and undisturbed connection with the spirit of the plant. Traditionally, individuals reside in a tambo (a traditional hut) and follow strict dietary and behavioral guidelines. Sowa Nete offers different accommodation options that you can check out here.

Diet and Restrictions: During the diet, you adhere to a specific diet that often excludes certain foods, including sugars, oils, salts, pork, red meat, process foods, medications, masturbation, sex, drugs, and spices. We maintain simple but rich meals which permit us to take food like grains, legumes, vegetables, meat plantains and banana, fruits and fish. This is done to abstain from any substance or activity that might provoke an energetic interference with the work of the plants and the healing and spiritual transformation they promote. The dietary restrictions are believed to facilitate a stronger bond with the plant spirit.

​​Guidance from a Maestro: Mario and Carolina oversee the diet process, providing guidance and support to you. 

Icaros and Healing Songs: Throughout the diet, we immerse in Ayahuasca Ceremonies where we sing icaros, traditional healing songs, to invoke the spirits of the plants and facilitate healing. Icaros have a powerful influence on the plant spirits and the overall energy of the environment.

Integration: After completing the diet, you engage in a process of integration, where you reflect on your experiences, insights, and healing received during the isolation. We have dedicated plenty of time to the creation of our "Journey of Transformation" Program that supports you in this journey, which is highly important to consolidate your insights.  



Preparing for a master plant dieta is very beneficial for your healing journey. We recommend that you approach it with reverence and sincerity, allowing yourself the time and space to align your mind, body, and spirit with the transformative energies that await.

Click on the "read more" link below for additional detailed information on comprehensive preparation steps.



Following a post-diet or integration period after a master plant dieta is considered crucial for several reasons. The post-diet phase is as significant as the dieta itself, as it allows for the consolidation, understanding, and integration of the experiences and insights gained during the plant medicine journey.


Here is WHY the post dieta is of such an impotance:

1. The master plant dieta often brings forth profound insights, visions, and realizations. The post-diet period provides an opportunity to reflect on and integrate these experiences into your daily life. Understanding how the lessons learned during the dieta apply to your personal growth and challenges is essential.

2. Furthermore, plant medicine ceremonies can open up heightened states of awareness and sensitivity. The post-diet phase allows your energy to stabilize, providing a smoother transition back into regular activities. It helps prevent overwhelm and supports the grounding of the transformative energies.

3. The dieta may bring up deep-seated emotions, memories, or unresolved issues. The post-diet period allows time for emotional processing, helping you navigate and understand the emotional aspects of your journey. It's an opportunity for catharsis and healing.

4. Plant medicines can have purgative effects on the body, and the post-diet phase allows for physical recovery. It's a time to nourish the body with healthy foods, rehydrate, and restore balance. This can contribute to overall well-being and aid in the elimination of any lingering physical effects.​

5. The insights gained during the master plant dieta may inspire changes in lifestyle, habits, and thought patterns. The post-diet period allows you to consciously establish new, positive habits aligned with the lessons learned during the dieta.


  • 7-Night Ayahuasca Retreat
    7-Night Ayahuasca Retreat
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    Santa Teresa Beach
    Choose The Dates
    Santa Teresa Beach, Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas Province, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    Choose The Dates
    Santa Teresa Beach, Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas Province, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
  • 10-Night Ayahuasca Retreat
    10-Night Ayahuasca Retreat
    Choose The Dates
    Santa Teresa Beach
    Choose The Dates
    Santa Teresa Beach, Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas Province, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
    Choose The Dates
    Santa Teresa Beach, Santa Teresa Beach, Puntarenas Province, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
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